Dear Husband, Everyone Has Ups and Downs


Dear Husband,


Everyone has their ups and downs. We haven’t even been married for 6 months, but we’ve already experienced more than our share of hardships. We both now have medical issues that are complicating our relationship. Money is a lot tighter than we imagined. We are still adjusting to life as a blended family. And too many times we argue or don’t see eye to eye.

Nevertheless, I want you stay strong and have faith. If we stick together and learn to communicate and compromise better, we will be unstoppable. Instead of troubles dividing us, they will unite us and make us stronger than ever before. We will be capable of dealing with every snag and obstacle in life…if only we work as a team.

Our love isn’t perfect, but I love you so much, and I’m determined to make this work. I want so badly to create a better future for us and our family, so join me. Take my hand and always be by my side. Promise that instead of bickering with me that we will remain unshaken and boldly face whatever the future holds. Do everything in your power today to allow us to grow old together–happy, healthy, and with no regrets!


Forever Yours,


Dear Children, Destiny Is in Your Hands


Dear Children,


You aren’t old enough right now to realize that life is extremely complicated. To you, life only involves, school, homework, food, chores, and play. Mostly, you just do what your body or impulses tell you to do. You don’t worry about why you are on this earth or what the future has in store. You merely live in the moment and try to enjoy every moment.

But one day, you are going to wake up and realize that something is missing in your life: purpose. Then, your minds will be filled with a million questions. Why did God create me? Why are people on this earth? What talents do I really possess? What am I supposed to do in my life? What career is right for me? Who am I meant to marry?

Ultimately, all these questions must be answered in the context of one fact: destiny is in your hands. God made us in His image and for His glory. He takes pride and delight in our lives and accomplishments. He is happy to see us full of joy and thanksgiving. But He also gave us free will, so much our our destiny is up to us to decide.

I spent the last almost 11 years of my life wondering who I was and what I was meant to do with my life. I thought that if I looked hard enough or praying hard enough, all the answers would come flooding into my heart and mind. I thought that if I just asked God, He would show me the perfect mate, the perfect job, the perfect school, the perfect home, etc.

Although it is important to seek God’s guidance and wisdom in all things, I now realize that the Lord is a father and part of being a parent is knowing that it’s important to love them unconditionally and offer wisdom while allowing them to make their own decisions in life. If we make wise, good, and honorable decisions and choices in life, God will be happy and we will be fulfilling our purpose. Truly if you follow God’s basic teachings, you can never go wrong as you journey through life and make a difference in this world.


Love Always & Forever,


Dear Rosalie, Change Isn’t Easy


Dear Rosalie,

Change isn’t easy.  You are particularly stubborn and set in your ways.  Your bad habits die hard and your good habits don’t like to stick around.  You always have the best of intentions, but you still need much more improvement in the application part.

Still, all the hard work you are doing to make yourself a new and better person is well worth it!  You have lost 6 pounds so far in 2014.  You are obviously becoming more and more positive.  You are steadily becoming more organized as a mother/wife and as a writer.  You are even continuing to move mountains as you fight on to conquer 28 years of hoarding useless junk.

I know you get so frustrated at times.  You can clearly see the individual you are evolving into, and you are impatient to be that person…NOW!  You can smell the scent of victory.  You feel the chains of the past slowly falling away.  The urge to grow spurs you onward.  You can’t help but want more immediately. You’ve been struggling and pushing forward for months, so you long to reach the journey’s end.

Be patient, my dear.  You are getting closer each and every day.  Don’t give up.  If you continue straining towards your goals, you will reach them before you know it.  I have faith in you, and so do many of your loved ones.  You’ve got this!

I’m Proud of You,



Dear Rosalie, Better Days Are Ahead


Dear Rosalie,


Better days are ahead. I can just feel it. You are so incredibly lucky. You have a loving husband, two amazing kids, and a house full of affection furbabies. You own your house. You get to be a work-at-home mom, doing what you love the best (both writing AND parenting). You also have found some amazing friends who also have fibromyalgia (and other chronic illnesses), so you’ve finally have the support and understanding you’ve been searching for for most of your life.

Family drama is decreasing. Your kids are growing more independent and confident in themselves. You are finding more time to read and do other things you love. Your fibro symptoms are becoming more under control. You are finally adapting to a daily exercise routine, so you are losing weight and becoming more fit and energetic. So, overall, your stress levels are decreasing.

You may still be disabled and unable to work full time (or outside your home). Money issues might still cause you grief. And you are still in pain every day…but better days are truly ahead, especially as you close on the second decade of your life and start a new one.

There is less than a month left before you embark on a new chapter in your life, and it’s exciting! Looking back, you can easily see how far you have travelled in life. You can clearly see how much you’ve grown to be a better person. Many scars have healed. Your faith and understanding are getting stronger. And you, my dear, are awesome and stronger than you could ever imagine. Keep looking forward because better days are waiting for you!


Keep Your Chin Up,


Dear Rosalie, All is Well


Dear Rosalie,


All is well. I know things have been very difficult lately. Your fibromyalgia is severe right now. The pain is getting so unbearable that it’s keeping you from sleeping properly. You’ve also had to deal with a monster of a migraine for almost a week…but all is well.

You have survived worse than this. You have pushed through the pain many times. Plus, God is in control. He is watching over you and He will give you strength. Cling to your faith and to God’s promises. Know that He has risen you up above some of the worst situations imaginable, and He has always provided when everything seems so helpless and impossible.

I know it is difficult to understand why He would not heal you. You know He is a mighty God and is capable of all things. Still, we know that God works in mysterious ways, and we have no idea what glorious or beautiful things He was in store for us. He loves us and will never forsake His children.

Ultimately, it is important that you hold firm to your faith and hold close to your heart that God is good. Live each and every day as best as you can. Offer each moment as a gift of faith to show God that you haven’t given up on Him or His goodness. Use each bit of pain and hardship as a way to reach others and make this world a better place. Use your fibromyalgia; don’t let it use you!


Hold On,


A New Opportunity: The A to Z Blogging Challenge

APRIL-CALENDAR [2014] - updated

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Because of circumstances out of my control, I have failed to blog on a regular basis this winter.  Health issues, responsibilities, and new obligations put a damper on my new blogging enthusiasm.  However, I am here to let you all know I am back and ready to embrace blogging wholeheartedly once more.

And to prove I am serious and determined to flourish in the blogging world, I have entered this blog into the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  All through April, I will be attempting to blog through the alphabet, only taking Sundays off from my blogging.  It sounds pretty easy at first, but in reality, such dedication and frequency of blogging can get tiring, especially after such a long hiatus.

Nevertheless, I am ready and eager to show myself and all of you what I, Rosalie, am made of!  I hesitated to sign up, so I am running a day behind and don’t have my challenge plan completely ironed out.  Still, I am confident I can catch up and meet the challenge.  I do believe I am pretty good at embracing difficulty and turning stress into triumph!

I appreciate your continued support of my dream to turn over a new leaf in my life, as well as your encouragement throughout the A to Z Challenge.  Change and new beginnings never come easy, but every bit of time, effort, and tears spent towards a better tomorrow are never wasted.  I am eager to stretch my wings and test myself to discover the potential hidden in the shadows of my old self.

Best Wishes,

Image Credit: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Dear Rosalie, You Are Important, Too!

Dear Rosalie,

You are important, too.  I know you feel obligated as a mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, etc. to always be helping others.  You want to be as kind, caring, and compassionate as possible.  You also take great joy in helping others and making them feel good.  It is a wonderful and important thing to care for others.  It is one of the reasons we are put here on this earth.

However, Rosalie, my dear, YOU are important, too.  It isn’t okay to constantly be putting yourself and your well being on the back burner.  You are a human being, too.  You have needs, desires, and dreams, too.  You feel pain.  You get sick.  You have bad, discouraging days just like everyone else.  You also need your own help, as well as help from others, from time to time.  I know it is an old, worn-out cliche, but no one is an island–so quit isolating yourself from the helping hands of others!  And please, start making your well being and happiness a priority, too!

I know you are under tremendous pressure right now.  You have only been married less than 5 months, and you are fighting nonstop with your husband.  He doesn’t know how to handle your chronic illness or the financial turmoil it causes since you can’t work outside your home.  He doesn’t (despite his best efforts) understand why you can’t get everyday tasks done or maintain a house “properly” when you are home 24/7.  He unintentionally makes you hate yourself for not being the woman you “should” be or doing all that you are “supposed” to be  doing each day.

You spend hours every day trying to play catch-up.  You wake up at 6:30 am every morning.  You cook, clean, pack lunches, do laundry, help with homework, clean up after every other household member, and look after the pets.  You cyber school your son because he is still going through problems that need tons of extra attention.  You spend hours every day and night writing and doing tedious little tasks for any extra penny you can find.  You go to bed well after midnight every night—even on the weekends–because you work seven days a week, trying to make yourself an equal in your own eyes (as well as in others’ eyes).

Your muscles never stop aching, cramping, and twitching.  You never feel rested anymore.  You have a constant headache and get frequent migraines.  You get dizzy and lightheaded.  Random rashes appear out of nowhere to make you miserable.  You cry when no one is looking because they no longer want to hear about your pain and fatigue.  You cry sometimes even when everyone is looking because it becomes too much to bear.

It’s time, Rosalie, to start making yourself a priority.  Of course, nothing can change your need for more money.  Fibromyalgia will most likely haunt you until your dying day.  But, please, take care of yourself and seek others who truly care and understand.  This battle is a hard and long one.  This condition doesn’t kill, but it destroys lives just as easily as any cancer or other terminal illness.  It robs people of their dignity, dreams, mobility, careers, friends, marriages, and aspirations.  It makes every day a living hell, so no one should face this alone.

Find a better place in this world, Rosalie.  Rise above all of this ugliness and find your place in this world.  Find where you are truly wanted and needed, so you always have purpose to take back with you while you work these problems out.  And remember, you are never alone.  There are plenty of others who are going through similar situations and they are always around.  Plus, you have a loving and powerful God looking after you.  He will provide and comfort you always.

Stay Strong,